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Cast Iron V Block

Size 50x38x25 mm - 300x200x100 mm
This Cast Iron V Block is a type of precision metal working jigs that is used to hold round metal rods or pipes for performing drilling or milling operations.  Features:  • 90-degree channel rotated 45-degrees from the sides  • V-shaped channel in the top  • Groove is cut in the bottom of the "V"  • Come with screw clamps to hold the work  Price Range: Rs. 1166-19000 The price of this product varies as per its size.

Magnetic V Block

Size 70x65x50mm to 200x150x100mm
Brand Bharat Tools
This Magnetic V Block is proved to be very useful in terms of quality control, tool room and standard room.  Features:  • High magnetic pull  • Used for drilling and grinding  • Can withstand wet and dry condition  • On/off button  Price Range:  • 70x65x50mm: Rs. 5400  • 85x70x60mm: Rs. 6400  • 100x95x75mm: Rs. 8000  • 150x95x75mm: Rs. 12800  • 200x150x100mm: Rs. 50000