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Basic Tool Holder

Brand Bharat Tools
Color Steel Grey to Black
This Basic Tool Holder helps to keep tools off the floor or work bench and within an easy reach of arms.  Features: • German type  • Durable  • Made of metal  • Proper gradation  Price Range:  • ¼ inches: Rs. 245  • 5/16 inches: Rs. 271  • 3/8 inches: Rs. 335  • ½ inches: Rs. 480

Hole Punch Set

This Hole Punch Set is a comprehensive collection of hole-punchers.  Features:  • Easy to work  • Convenient to move  • Roll pack

Knurling Tool Holder

Packaging Type Box
This Knurling Tool Holder is used in knurling that is typically conducted on lathe.  Features: • Made of quality steel  • Knurling head  • 40-degree rotation  • Equal pressure application  The price range may vary as per the C.S Knurls and H.S Knurls 

Tool Box

This Tool Box is use to keep all the important automobile tools in an organized way. Features: • Easy to work • Convenient to move • Capacity up to 30 kg Specification: • Dimension (HxLxW): 153x425x200 mm

Turning Tool Holder

This Turning Tool Holder helps to fasten large screws or nut bolts.  Features:  • Accurate grip  • Perfect fit with the nuts  • Corrosion resistant  • Straight and curved type  The price of the product varies with the cap inches.